Success Stories


Moses and Jean

Nadine and Fred

Candice and Juan

Purchase Resell Rehab Program

“We are so thankful for NeighborWorks Northeast Nebraska! We’ve grown from a family of three to a family of six in our house. Being in this home has helped us achieve a lot of our goals from the time we bought it more than eight years ago.”

“They helped me buy a home 13 years ago. I tell you, it was the best thing I did.”

“I recommend this program. They are the best. I’m very grateful for them making my dream come true.”

“Great to work with! They explain everything and are eager to help.”

“They were amazing to work with! Answered all of my questions, and I always knew what was going on!”

“This is such a great program. We are so thankful for everyone at NeighborWorks® Northeast Nebraska, and we couldn’t have done this without them.”

“We felt protected by the program and that NeighborWorks® Northeast Nebraska had our best interest at heart.”

“I could trust that the help I received was correct and honest.”

Homebuyer Education

“It is a tremendous help in the homebuying process. The homebuying class is very informative!”

“Very informative! I would recommend to everyone in the position of purchasing a home.”

“Thank you for providing this class and giving us all the information and tools to help us buy a home.”

“It was very helpful. I am just beginning the home buying process.”

“Great speakers, very informative, pertinent information, loved it!”

Money Management

“This class made me determined to save more and pay off my student loans sooner.”

“I have learned many life skills and recommend the class to others.”

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