Planning Commission OKs Zoning Change for Nor Park Subdivision

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By Eric McKay

NORFOLK – The Norfolk Planning Commission on Tuesday recommended approval of a zoning change allowing for the development of the Nor Park Subdivision.

“We’re proposing to put in 50 lots in the Nor Park subdivision whichis just north of the NPPD campus,” said Neighborworks Northeast Nebraska CEO Roger Nadrchal. “ It will contain 28 lots that will be for detached houses and 22 lots that would be townhome and attached units.”

Neighborworks is partnering with contractors from Wayne and Central City to bring the sub-division to Norfolk, after beginning development on similar subdivisions in Columbus. Nadrchal says normally his organization works with low and moderate income housing, but this project is different.

“We’re not looking at any subsidized or income-restricted houses,” Nadrchal said. “These would be market-rate homes or workforce housing for people working or that want to purchase a new home in this area.”

Nadrchal says that would mean price ranges as of right now anywhere between $190,000 to $250,000.

“We feel that price point of houses aren’t being built in Norfolk right now, so we hope we can have a little bit of a niche in the market and build homes in that price point.”

The land is being purchased from the Greater Norfolk Economic Development Foundation. Nadrchal says to have so many business leaders and elected officials support their project reflects how great the need for housing is in Norfolk.

“It feels great knowing the Planning Commission is behind us on this. In working with city staff, they’ve all been very supportive of us doing this,” Nadrchal said.

The final plat still needs to be approved, and there may be a need to address concerns from residents in the area who have an issue with what will be increased traffic on Bluff Avenue.

Given all that, Nadrchal says he thinks they can still have construction on Nor Park underway by next spring.

Posted on: Aug 9, 2017 - 9:19 AM

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