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NORFOLK, NE — It took two years to get to this point, but a new subdivision in southeast Norfolk is now on the fast track to completion.

Local and state officials gathered for the groundbreaking of the Nor-Park Subdivision on Thursday afternoon in Norfolk.  The new development promises four different types of housing: single-family lots, tri-plex units, townhomes and apartment complexes for a total of 121 units.

Local non-profit NeighborWorks of Northeast Nebraska is spearheading the project.  CEO Roger Nadrchal says the subdivision will allow the community to continue to grow.

“Being a new subdivision with varied types of housing, we’re not just trying to fit one niche, we’re going four different ways,” Nadrchal said.  “With the park, we’re along the walking trail.  It’s a great place to expand and build a new neighborhood.”

The development, located north of the NPPD offices, is meant for workforce housing.  Nadrchal says lower home prices are possible because of generous land prices from former property owners Nucor and the Greater Norfolk Economic Development Foundation.  He also credits the city for granting tax increment financing.

“We want to make sure there is more homes for our workforce hear in Norfolk, whether they’re currently living here and want to move up or new people moving into the community,” Nadrchal said.

Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley spoke at the groundbreaking and said he wants state agencies to study Norfolk’s recipe for Nor-Park and spread it to other communities.

“We want to say, ‘This is what they did in Norfolk, these are the key people that were involved, this is how they financed it,'” Foley said.  “Now let’s go do it again, and again, and again all across Nebraska.”

Dirt work is already underway.  Nadrchal says the infrastructure for new streets, water and sewage will be done by September.  Some construction on the housing units could begin as quickly as two weeks from now.

Posted on: Apr 26, 2019 - 2:57 PM

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