Service Area

Northeast Nebraska Housing Coverage Area

Northeast Nebraska Communities Eligible for Housing Assistance

Colfax County - Clarkson, Howells, Leigh, Richland, Rogers and Schuyler

Cuming County - Bancroft, Beemer, West Point, and Wisner

Madison County - Battle Creek, Madison, Meadow Grove, Newman Grove, Norfolk, and Tilden

Pierce County - Foster, Hadar, McLean, Osmond, Pierce, and Plainview

Platte County - Creston, Columbus, Cornlea, Duncan, Humphrey, Lindsay, Monroe, Platte Center, and Tarnov

Stanton County - Stanton and Pilger

Wayne County - Carroll, Hoskins, Wayne, Winside, and Sholes

Property Location Requirements for Participation

  • Within the city limits of a community listed in the service area
  • If it was a rental unit, must have been tenant free for 6 months
  • Cannot be in a flood zone
  • Must be zoned residential